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Quick development questions

Stefan Konno

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I started using Prestashop yesterday so I'm a total beginner, but I'm very experienced in web development, I do have some quick questions though. I've googled around but it causes me great frustration since I don't really know what I'm looking for or what's avaiable.

1. Is there absolutely no API for this? I mean I found the wiki but it holds no good information.

2. I want to edit my theme completely, as I wish. Edit html, add/remove js, just being able to do what I want, but when I edit the tpl files in my active theme, NOTHING happens. The site remains exactly the same. Why is this, or where do I change it without hacking the core? Do I have to recompile these .tpl files in some way for the changes to take affect?

3. I also want to edit alot of the modules to match my demands, but same here, if I edit their tpl files nothing seems to happen or rather I don't want to hack the core, since I suppose these will be affected if I update the platform.

4. Where do I find my products page, I want to create a menu with a link to a page called products or something with an overview of the products avaiable in my store.

I'm very confused, but I guess you just have to get through this, I'm used to developing in wordpress or without any cms for that matter. Sorry if my questions are very basic and probably have been answered before. :

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1. There are 2 books, published by Packt Publishing.


Unfortunately, nothing yet on the development side. There is no "API" so to speak.
In 1.4, they have introduced a webservice but there is yet no documentation on its use.

2. You must clear your Smart Cache to see changes in templates.

3. See 2.

4. product-list.tpl is the list of products. It is shown from category.tpl

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Hi ANGORA, I wonder how can you display such interesting informations on the bottom of the above capture. Is it a module, a special debugging mode ? I found nothing with what you specified : "FrontController"...

Thanks for your help

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