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problem duplicating modules in PS 1.4


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I have duplicated the advertising module in 1.4. I got it working fine, and was able to go in and add the new ad image into the duplicate module.

However, now when I go to the modules page, it appears cut off just below the "Analytics & Stats" tab (so the "Front Office Features" tab and everything underneath it is missing). Turning off the duplicated module fixes the issue, so it does seem to be something with this that's causing it.

The module itself still works fine though - the new ad image is showing on the front end of the store.

I've followed the instructions in this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/89442/development/solvedhow_to_duplicate_block_advertising_module_in_1_dot_4/ (and the web page that's linked to), but that hasn't helped.

Does anyone have any idea about what I can do to stop the modules page being cut off (without having to turn off my second advertising module!)?

Thank you!

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