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Quantity Issue

Aleem Memon

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I am facing a problem regarding my Prestashop BO. The issue I am facing is of quantity update of the product from Prestashop BO platform. 

Let me give you an example:- Whan I add a new product in All shops, it's adding a product with a single Products ID. But the problem I am facing is when I add the quantity in that particular new product of any particular store and after clicking "Save", its generate the multiple products with same product ID (Means system is duplicating the Product). It happens multiple time whenever we add the quantity means if I update the quantity 5 times it duplicates the products 5 times with the same product ID. And also adding the previous quantity with the current quantity. Like I update the quantity "10" first time and again I updated the quantity "8" second time. Its duplicate the products 2 times with same product ID and in the last update its show total quantity "18" means previous was 10 and I added newly is 8 that the reason its showing 18 with duplicating the products. Please see the attached screenshot in which I have updated the quantity in variance products (6 Variance) means the products have different variance and in all 6 variances, I have updated the quantity so it shows quantity by adding up the previous quantity like 8, 18, 28,38,48,58. After that, I again updated the quantity in variance 6 which was previously 10 so I have removed 10 and updated with 12. When I click on save button its duplicate the product again and showed the total quantity of all variance 70 which is not correct. The same things happening on those products which don't have variance

I would suggest that please you change the quantity of any demo product (Product ID: 1) you will get an idea, what is a problem.

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