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PLS HELP - The requested URL /prestashop.com/ was not found on this server completely new install


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I just installed the latest prestashop_1.4.0.17

I deleted my old presta shop and was starting fresh with the new one

I keep getting the error

The requested URL /prestashop.com/ was not found on this server.

( it's a fresh install, all old files were deleted )

I have tried MULTIPLE urls that it could be.

my htacess is empty. Is it supose to have something in it?

I have no idea why this is happening...

Please help.

error The requested URL /prestashop.com/ was not found on this server.


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If you would like help please post the full url to your site

from the error message it would seem that something weird is going on
as the requested url shown on the error is prestashop.com seems a bit unusual

if you have prestashop installed in a folder in your domain called prestashop

then the url you should type in is http://www.yourdomain.com/prestashop

If you have typed in http://www.yourdomain.com/prestashop.com this would cause the error

Please make sure you actually have the path correct in the url or in any link to the shop

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Hello. Thank you for your reply. My url to my directory is http://barbecuecleaners.com/

I then click on practicehvac704/

( i set it up this way on purpose where you see my directory. I forward another url to my index of my choosing)

It then tells me the "prestashop.com was not found on this server"

the following files are in my server folder of /public_html (see image below)

In that folder I have the following ( see image below )

I'm still having problems figuring out how to get to my page.



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From what I can see from your image
it looks like you have installed prestashop in your public_html folder

And I don't see a folder called "prestashop.com"

If that is the case ...Then you cannot also have an index.html file
with the page links below
* Joomla/
* b2evolution/
* en_googlebase.xml
* img/
* practicehvac.com/
* practicehvac704/
* prestashop_1.4.0.17.zip
* tools/
as the server automaticaly searches for "index" files
within any folder on your server if you do not specify a filename in the url

(it will first check for a index.html and if not found
wil then look for index.php or asp or aspx or any other index file til it finds one
if it does not find one you will get a page not found error

I would also advise you download the prestashop zip file you have their and store it on your computer rather than on your server. ( if you are providing the prestashop zip file for others why not just send them to the prestashop download page)

Easiest solution for you is to reinstall prestashop into a folder with a name of your choice ie prestashop.com

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