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Problem with back office changes

Silvio Cifone

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I'm trying to edit the back office, precisly the customer tables, adding an other column. I did this change and it works, but know i have a doubt: I edited the AdminCustomersController.php, adding the column i needed. When there will be updates of prestashop, will this code changes be overwritten? If yes, how can i edit back office automatically (and not from the code)? And how can I evitate this problem? :'( 

I tried to search in the Prestashop documentation but i didn't find help for this problem.... 

Thanks for attention eheh :D

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What version of PrestaShop did you use ?

In next PrestaShop version 1.7.6, I see that page was totally rebuild with Symfony. So in order to do the same things with this new version, you should create a module to override Grid.

But in previous version, a simple override of this AdminCustomersController should work well.

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