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Error with product attribute - Friendly URL

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Hello guys,


I am really struggling here with a problem with the links of my website. It's not online yet, it's on localhost. 

I have friendly URL's on, and I have this for the product schema:


This is the default one. The problem is whener I open a product without attributes, it doesn't load the page, giving me an error 404.

For example:


This works fine because I've some attributes on the product.

But if I choose one product without attributes, the link appears like this and gives a 404 error:


But, if I add a zero on the attribute it works...

Shouldn't it detect by itself and change?



There is also one issue that started today which is, whenever I change the language, the link appears like this when it shouldn't. On the default language:


When I choose another language:


How do I fix this?


Thank you so much,


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When the Friendly URL is off, everything works like a charm...


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I manage to find the problem. The path was incorrect.

{-:id_product_attribute} instead of {-id_product_attribute}.


Sorry to bother you all,


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