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[solved]BO AdminOrders price calculation difference between ps1.3.1 and 1.3.6 when viewing order details


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Hi, I just upgraded from ps1.3.1 to ps1.3.6 ,
I see there are a few extra columns in ps_order_details (specially these reduction_percent and reduction_group )
I am trying to find where in the code (in BO AdminOrders) is calculating (and how) the final price, let me explain
I have product A with price 11.000$ with a percent_discount of 15% and a customer who is buying it has a group reduction of 30%, in FO I managed to apply the biggest reduction , in this case 30%, so the final price is 7700$ , the order is saved with total = 7700 but the detail is saved with price 11000 and percent_reduction 15% and group_reduction 30%,
so that when I see the order in BO the total of the order is shown correctly (7700$) but in the product detail shows a price of 6545$ ( which is 11000$*0.7(group_reduction)*0.15(percent_reduction)), so in BO is applying both reductions to get the final price

Anybody could give a hint about this, I couldnt find the code in BO which is doing this



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I think I found part of the "problem"
I /classes/Order.php in method Order::getProducts() there is a call to another method Order::setPricess , which is recalculating the prices to show in BO
The other difference is in /classes/PaymentModule.php the method PaymentModule::validateOrder() is saving the product price without the reductions applied in FO , so I guess thats all I need to change to maintain my desired price calculation behavior

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