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When selecting the language which is not default(for example: default language is english , but when i select french ) i cannot add to database.
It says "You must fill in all fields" even if i fill the fields properly.
Why is this so?
Something must be wrong in the codes.

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I got idea when you said 'default' so I just change the default language to the one I need to add link block and it works:)

Only that the position is not the same. The new one is lower than English version.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to set the position to be the same as in English one.

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Actually there is no problem with the module..

The thing is, prestashop lets you add data for both language at the same time(but default is compulsory).

That is,when default language is english,and when you are entering data in block link module, you must necessarily enter data for english by clicking on the english flag else you get the above mentioned error..
And then, for the SAME DATA entered in english,if you want a french translation for it,you should click on the french flag and enter the french data.

Then click on submit.. See you database,you'l see that for the data english data you entered, the correct french translation has been input..

However,if default language is english,and you enter data for the english flag,and you leave the data for the french flag empty,prestashop will put the english data in the french data. (check you database and see)

Hope this helps..

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