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Customization Field Should Only Become Visible On Product Page If A Specific Attribute Is Selected


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Dear developer community

I needed two things to be solved. One I wanted to move the custom field location in product page. That I did it by editing product.tpl file. Just moved the customization block to the place where I needed it to appear. If any body is interested I can show you how.

Now second thing I want is to show a customization field (a custom message) in my product listing only if a specific attribute is selected.

In other words for example if a customer selects Red color attribute only then a custom text box appears on the product page. Otherwise if he selects Black color then that custom text box should disappear.

I have a feeling that it can be achieved my adding a simple custom function in the product.tpl file but I dont know how to do this.

To describe it further I am talking about the customization field which we add by going to backoffice > catalog > products > (my_product) > options tab > customization > add a customization field.

I really appreciate if any one of you developers help me out in this.

Thank you

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