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3 stores in 1

Adrian DMM

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Now, I have 3 stores in one, bricum.com - bricum.com/fr - bricum.com/en.
This 3 stores, are 3 different prestashop.

Now, I'm updating the store to 1.7, and I would like to set this 3 stores in one, to not consumming the time i'm doing now managing 3 global.css, 3 header.tpl, and 3 everything always. But the problem is the price, I need to have the capability to set different prices for different countries.

PRODUCT A: SPAIN: 200€ | FRANCE: 220€ | ENGLAND: 250€
PRODUCT B: SPAIN: 150€ | FRANCE 280€ | ENGLAND: 190€

Its not a % more or less for each country, i'm talking about changing an individual price for each product for each country.


Can I do this?

Thank you.

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