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Query to get total sale on PS.1.7.4


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On PS1.6 I was using this query to get total sale of a month grouped by day.

Now I'm on PS1.7 and I'm now sure this is still correct. I have have this doubt because on Back office dashboard total sale are about 10/15% lower (both them calculated including VAT).

COUNT(*) as countOrders,
SUM((SELECT SUM(od.product_quantity) FROM ps_order_detail od WHERE o.id_order = od.id_order)) as countProducts,
SUM(o.total_paid_tax_incl / o.conversion_rate) as totalSales
FROM ps_orders o
WHERE o.valid = 1
AND o.invoice_date BETWEEN '2019/01/01' and '2019/01/31'
GROUP BY DATE(o.invoice_date)


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