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How to remove "powered by Prestashop" from email ?

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I'm developing an online shop with prestashop, and I want to remove "Powered by Prestashop" from New Order Email,
I removed it from International/Translation, i removed it manually from translation folder, also from the module ps_emailalert... and app/translations/ folder and many othoer locations.
then I cleaned the cache. 
And at my surprise, it's always present in the emails.
Please, how to remove that ?


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9 hours ago, roja45 said:

Did you delete it from the email template?




Thank you for your response, yes I did, I romoved it from email template for all installed languages. But same problem.

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After spending almost a day trying to figure it out I have found the solution on Prestashop - there is a known bug that when you try edit translations in back office it does not save and I can't help but wonder if intentional to keep prestashop signature on emails (otherwise just a bug - noted as a bug). Long story short... do this:


1- You need to download files by FTP or similar from this directory: \themes\[THEME]\mails\[LANGUAGE]\

2- Edit both the *.html (first image below) and *.txt (second image below) files to remove the link. I use and prefer Notepad+ + for editing - see highlighted sections to look for and delete.







3- Upload and overwrite existing files. Done!


HANDY TIP TO SPEED UP PROCESS: Notepad+ + allows you to record the process and 'replay/play' it to repeat process on the file. ie: 1- Press 'Record' (see below image) / 2- 'Find' highlighted/copied text / 3- 'Right click' text and 'Delete' text / 4- Click 'File' then 'Save' / 5- Click 'File' then 'Close' / 6- Press 'Stop' to Stop Recording / 7- Press 'Play' on each file to repeat process (create a recording for *.html files and a recording for *.txt files).




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