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Smarty goes me crazy


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Why is smarty so difficult ?
I've made a module to try different things and put it at the backOfficeFooter hook, just at the end of the page code.
From here, I want to be able of adding, disabling or deleting page content.
The problem is that the module is showed in some pages and not in others, not showing the module itself and the code just after the module.
The code I'm trying is as simple as this:

   $(window).load(function() {

Well, this works i.e. in Admin Catalog tab but no in Admin Module tab.
Why ??????
Even more, how can I enable smarty debug ?

Thank you very much in advance.

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I see nobody has ideas.

What about smarty debugging ?
I've tried to enable it by setting $smarty->debbuging to true at config.inc.php, smarty.config.inc.php and in mymodule.php.
Nothing works and popup blocking is disabled.
Even tried with {debug} smarty function at mymodule.tpl.

Why can't get smarty debug ?


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