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Need to skip the "confirmation Step" on return from payapal


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I am completely new to Prestashop, and I need some help removing this "confirmation step" on a paypal express  checkout. I am using  v. I took some screen shots to reference so I am not too sketchy in finding a resolution to my issues. My client feels that his customers will in no way be able to deal with the confirmation step once they return from their paypal account. It (also to me) feels like an un-needed step.

So, You purchase a product, go to paypal


 and then you are returned to this screen Which requires the buyer to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the paypal confirm button.  Confusing for sure.


Idealy the paypal return would go directly to the order confirmation page and not require this intermediate step of confirming your order. Side note: it would also be helpful if the white text inside that yellow box was either black or the box be dark so you can read it.
Is there a module or a way for this code to be changed  so that this confirmation stuff is history in the process? Thanks in advance.


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