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Catalog Price Rules, % value not showing correctly at cart/checkout


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Testing PS
Test product: Hummingbird printed t-shirt,Size: S,Color: White
From quantity 1 discount = 5%
From quantity 2 discount = 10%
Discount for Custom Group "Trade"

On products Page the discount is updated and changes from -5% to -10%

In the CART, the price does recalculate for Qty as youincrease to Qty 2, but the % still shows as -5% ! It does not update to -10%

Refer to screenshots.


2019-03-31_174540-Hummingbird printed t-shirt Size S Color White.jpg

2019-03-30_002316-View Sevice Details.jpg


2019-03-31_175451-Catalog Price Rules _ Edit_ Trade 2 • remoteONE.jpg

2019-03-31_175551-Product • remoteONE.jpg

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