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Images uploaded too large in pixels, not weight!!!


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I can upload files that are under 1mb as long as their within 1000 x 1000 pixels or so. But as soon as I try to upload a file that's 3000 x 3800 px it loads a broken image, gets stuck, I'm not too sure what the problem is. The file size is only 800kb, but it's the actual size (in pixels) that's not allowed to upload.

Any help?

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It's a memory limit in php. You have to up the memory limit in your php.ini file and direct .htaccess to it.

try this first.....

in php.ini add or adjust the memory to a higher limit, 128M works for 3000 px images

memory_limit = 128M

and in .htaccess add:

suPHP_ConfigPath /hsphere/local/home/youruser/yourwebsite.com

If that doesn't work then contact your webiste hosting service and submit a support ticket. Ask them to please bump up the memory limit for PHP and add all php options in the php.ini file. They may also have to restart the server for the change to work.

After my website hosting service did the above and also added the full suite of PHP options in php.ini ....I am now able to upload 3000 px images for zoom-in closeups.

Don't forget to change the image size px in Prestashop back office under >> preferences tab >> image >> thickbox to the size you prefer or Prestashop will resize it down.

Hope this helps

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