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Customer check out problem


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Hello everyone,

I am desperate so trying to seek advice over here. In november my developer updated my eshop to version

Since then, certain (not all) customers are having trouble placing an order. Some customers are able to place an order without any problems, but some contact us with two main issues:

1. They either have trouble loging in. The page does not allow them to go the next step in the cart. They try to login as guest or a registered customer, the page just does not let them go further to the step to add the address.

2. The customer gets to the last point and agrees with terms in conditions, but once press checkout, the page either goes blank or they are redirected to the main page, however the order is not placed.


We have tried everything to reproduce the issue, but after months of testing we cannot find the issue. Has anyone else experienced such a problem or can anyone please advice me?


Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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9 hours ago, JBW said:

Are there any errors in your servers error log file? At least in case of white page (=error 500) there should be something logged.

Thank you for replying... no, no errors are logged. Our developer went through everything and could not come up with anything.

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