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Inserting object into category list of products for mobile device


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Hello everyone,

I have a little problem. In my shop I have set 15 products to whow on one page in product listing (https://www.sperkyleclay.cz/72-ocelove-sperky-nausnice-z-chirurgicke-oceli). On desktop it is ok, because I have 3 products in one row. But on mobile I have 2 products on row, so at the end of product list I have a blank spot which looks like that it is end and there are no more products... I am thinking how to fill this blank spot. So I would like to add next div with interesting informations into the product list. And the question is, how to do it? I see stores who has it like this and this will solve my problem. I know to show this div only od mobile device I will us css @media, but I need to find out how to implement the div tag into the product list :)

Can anybody help with this? How to do it? It would be nice if I can add the div with infos somewhere in the middle of product list. Even at the end will be good :)

Thank you very much for your help,


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