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How to make taxes invisable?

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Hello everyone,

I have some questions about taxes in prestashop. I first posted the questions on the Dutch forum but did not get any positive results.

So, I will try to get it right here.

First: when I select a product I get under the price ‘Exclusive tax’ Exclusief belasting. I must sell al my products exclusive tax since I have a small company and may not mention anything about tax anywhere. What do I have to do to make this invisable?


Second: when I put an article to the shopping cart I see ‘Tax € 0,00’ Belastingen €0,00. There must be a way to make this invisable but have no idea how.


Thirt: on the ‘invoice’ I see Btw-tarief and Total (excl. tax)’ Totaal (excl. btw). Also this I have to make invisable. Please, can someone help me with these questions?


Help is very welcome here!


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