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change order state on hook with condition


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Hello everyone,


I'm developing a module for my Prestashop website and I'm stuck for hours now on a thing. I use Prestashop


Here is the use case :

Some products are set in the default category "preorder" who have the ID 21. When a customer buy an article who is in this category, I would like to automatically change the order state ID to the preorder ID. The order state ID for the preorder is 18.


Here is the code :

 public function hookDisplayOrderConfirmation($params)
        $objOrder = $params['order'];
        $products = $objOrder->getProducts();
        foreach ($products as $product)
            $cat = (int)$product->id_category_default;
            if($cat == 21)
                $history = new OrderHistory();
                $history->id_order = $objOrder->id;
                $history->changeIdOrderState(18, $objOrder->id);


By the way, where I can find all the class and method of Prestashop ? for example, where I can find all the variable of the $objOrder above ?


Thanks a lot for your support :) and have a nice day !

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