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Hello, I need to add to the file product.tpl code which, by color, will give me the price of the color. I just write how much color is worth. Please help


my code:

  <ul id="color_to_pick_list" class="clearfix">
                                            {assign var="default_colorpicker" value=""}
                                            {foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute}
                                            {assign var='img_color_exists' value=file_exists($col_img_dir|cat:$id_attribute|cat:'.jpg')}
                                            <li {if $group.default==$id_attribute} class="selected" {/if}> <a href="{$link->getProductLink($product)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" id="color_{$id_attribute|intval}" meta="$colors.$id_attribute.price|escape:'html':'UTF-8'" name="{$colors.$id_attribute.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="color_pick{if ($group.default == $id_attribute)} selected{/if}" {if !$img_color_exists && isset($colors.$id_attribute.value) && $colors.$id_attribute.value} style="background:{$colors.$id_attribute.value|escape:'html':'UTF-8'};" {/if} title="{$colors.$id_attribute.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">

                                                {if $img_color_exists}
                                                <img src="{$img_col_dir}{$id_attribute|intval}.jpg" alt="{$colors.$id_attribute.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" title="{$colors.$id_attribute.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" width="20" height="20" />

                                            {if ($group.default == $id_attribute)}
                                            {$default_colorpicker = $id_attribute}




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