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One click upgrading


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This is definately something that should be looked into.

Is it possible to have a joomla style upgrade procedure where you run a module that downloads an upgrade package from a central server, runs the sql upgrade script and copies all the files where the are supposed to be rather than the manual method at the moment. Which is far easier than Zen-Cart.

It would also mean most people would keep their shops up to date.

There would of course be those who had done core modifications who would loose out but these mods are not recommended anyway.

The only thing i could see is custom modules would need to fail gracefully if they did not work on the updated version of PS



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The award is for a module that will serve you for all your updates and not just one.

For the tax price is in the group configuration that is managed.

I cant actually figure out how to display any text in the cart module like you have. there is a setting somewhere i think.

i understand about costs, but consider this:

I cost £20 an hour. It takes at most 20 minutes to update a prestashop install. your product after taxes is probably 100E that means your product costs me 5 hours so:

5 x 60 = 300 minutes
300/20 = 15

which means i need to upgrade prestashop 15 times before i break even. For a noobie this is probably a good deal.

I do know how much work goes in to things like this, but all prestashop modules seems to be insanely priced.


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20 minutes to update a Prestashop ????

you forget to save your files and database and it's only for a very very little site. This module work with any size of site and it's realy secure because it made a backup before update if you take some trouble with a non compatibility or other think, you can restore it with a single clic.

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