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Add a customisation dropdown menu?

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Hey, I was wondering if there was such thing as a customisation drop down menu rather than just a text field?

I know you can use the combinations but I just wanted two set dropdowns for ring sizes and material. Those options dont affect the stock levels as they get made to order. The problem I have is that if I go down the combinations route, just two attributes alone its around 450 combinations, which sadly the server just cannot handle. I know there's some paid modules out there that solves that issue, but honestly was looking for a much simpler solution.

I have added SSs to show which part I'm referring to!

Looking for some guidance 



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Wow, 2019 and nothing? I have the same issue. I have an attribute that doesn't affect price or stock (coffee grinding preference) and I don't want the additional x5 combinations I would end up if I use Attributes (I already have a first attribute with 4 combinations, so I'd have to manage 20 combinations for each one of my products, which doesn't make sense). I don't want the visitor writing it themselves into a text field either. I was going to migrate to Prestashop from WooCommerce but this is a showstopper now for us.

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