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Set default country/language

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Having this settings on by default by PS is stupid. It makes your HOME page un-cacheable and by that increasing TTFB. 

I turned off both but the stupidity is unclear what is the difference between both options? 

I understand set default country from browsers language. Meaning if I offer my site in French language a user that uses a French browser will see the page in French. 

So what the is set browser language as default language? 

Or the stupidy is the other way around. So what is the purpose of setting a default country? I mean say default language is German but default country is Spain. For what reason? 


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set language from browser:  the inbound http has contains the the browser language of visitors, i.e. EN EN-GB EN-US.....PS when enabled with try and match the visitor browser language to languages defined in your shop, else use  default language.  

I do not recommend set default country from browser language as localization, let it default and instead use this module:  Geo Targeting Pro to set visitor country.


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