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Some sort of cache issue I think?

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So I've been trying to edit the checkout process to remove "Social Title" and "Date of Birth" - and I'm aware this is an old issue, but unfortunately I've got a new twist it looks like.

I edited themes/default-bootstrap/authentication.tpl to remove the fields; I then turned off the cache in the store, set it to "Force compilation", and deleted the smarty cache files (cache/smarty/compile, cache/smarty/cache, and img/tmp). The thing is that the form did not update after that. I cleared my browser cache, checked it on a VPN, even checked with my hosting company to make sure there were no issues with the server settings (grasping at straws, I know).

It's not just limited to the authentication.tpl file either, I also uploaded an unrelated css file for one of my PrestaShop modules and that did not update on the live site either.

My PrestaShop version is btw.

From my web research I'm doing everything right from what I can tell. Did I just miss something in all this? Help would be very appreciated :)

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