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On 3/13/2019 at 11:55 AM, caroled said:


I have few visits on my site (about 80/day) and most of visitors visit only one page and leave.

Could you visit my store and tell me if you see something that make people leave ?

Thank you very much by avance !

the url is www.grispastel.fr


I think you do not have enough discounts, to lure customers, very beautiful advertising (banners) on the site. Through the banner, customers will navigate to your other pages.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to answer.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,

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Hi there,

I think that you need higher quality product pictures, perhaps you should hire a photographer to make setups on couches and beds and make good pictures with good lighting. 

Another thing is, a bit more product style and color variants, as a lot of them seems pretty much equal. I also don't like the bluish/gray buttons and price colors, it seem they merge with your products background too much.

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 I visited your store and found some issues which can make people leave your store:
 1. I visited the product page of and noticed that the no preview is available of the product when someone adds the customized text. 
 2. No Entry popup or Discount banners are there on the website. You can use the exit intent popups to reduce the website abandonment.
 3. The "Personalization" fields should be displayed a bit up with the product as no one can see that field now until one scroll down.
 4. Some categories are displayed at the home slider but are unavailable. You need to update the categories on your store as the customer get frustrated when something is displaying on the home page but is unavailable.

The best way to improve your store design will be check the demo of the product customization modules so that you can get some idea to improve the UI.





Best of Luck.

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Without knowing more about your organic and paid advertising driving the current traffic to your site, it is challenging to pinpoint the reasons behind your problem. So if you could tell us a bit more, it would be helpful.

In general though, you should be using dynamic advertising as well as retargeting techniques to maintain a healthy sales funnel. Your ads might also need to be examined for their copy writing to be sure they are best suited to grab your target audiences' attention while filtering out low quality traffic.

Meanwhile, here are a few SEO & general design tips that you should apply to improve your site as well as customer confidence in your brand:

  • add a favicon: helps with branding and creates a more complete-professional look
  • Add a banner with any specials or promotions
  • Add customer reviews: this encourages new customers to trust in their decisions and your brand
  • Include customer posts from social media - beyond just allowing them to share, this creates more social proof which leads to better brand awareness
  • Better display the links to and posts on your social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter: This helps with branding which can lead to greater community buy-in/ organic marketing - as is, it feels like you are wasting an opportunity to show your handwork across various platforms
  • Display the option to personalize items above the fold on product pages (meaning before a user must scroll down): This minor detail would simplify the shopping experience, streamlining your sales
  • Include a preview of personalized text to improve buyer confidence in their potential purchase
  • Make sure a call to action button is available on your homepage: this is important for directing customers where you want them most (See Today's Sales, Buy Now, etc..._
  • Move your specials, shipping details, payment security/ options information, and any important information above the fold (again, the scroll point on a landing page): clients shouldn't have to scroll to see your best items and other essential details - these details can easily fit neatly, in an aesthetically pleasing way, above the fold as there is a lot of unused space to the side sand top of your homepage
  • better display the various presentation and customization options you have. These might not be obvious to new customers and make the difference in them converting into first time as well as return buyers
  • Your friends and partners page could better display a linked title versus the description: You might also consider using two columns to better, and more prominently, display such a long list
  • Add an "About Us" page to improve branding: This will help create a narrative that improves customer buy in - this would add a "warm touch" to a website that is selling products for a home, children, etc...
  • List your payment options on your homepage as well as product pages: This adds to customer confidence prior to making a purchase. Customers should be able to know at a glance if they can actually make a purchase or not. Adding additional payment options would also increase customer comfort with making a purchase using a method they are familiar with
  • Do you have a return policy? If so, it should be robust and easy to find
  • Consider adding additional language options (particularly English) to your site to increase your potential market exposure


Best of luck with your shop, after you have made some changes, feel free to post here again or to message me with any additional questions you might have.

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