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Seo problem in google search. url name


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Maybe you know how to do that, not to be shown (zaidimu-parduotuve.lt) To keep only the original index.
Because the settings do not have the opposite of the title of the link, it adds automatically.

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hey TomS!

I have some points of solution for you . Please check the following:

1. Check the setting where the meta information is given and re-correct the meta title.

2. Check the title tag in HTML , may be you've mentioned the title wrong there.

3. There may be chances that google crawler doesn't crawls the URL of your page. 

4. You can submit the sitemap of your page to the Google Search Console and if its incorrect it will be corrected within 24 hours .

You may check the sitemap being crawled by google by using the following syntax:

In google search type ,  site: url_of_the_page .

eg- site:zaidimu-parduotuve.It




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