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Changing "Add to cart" to "Contact Us"


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By default I deny orders on items which are out of stock. Due to issues with my suppliers database not always showing quantities correctly, i.e. their database sometimes shows "Unknown" or even "Out of stock" when they actually have stock, I prefer to set these items as "Out of stock" on my site too. However, because of the same reason, I would prefer my customers to contact me to enquire about these items rather than simply losing a sale.

I have previously modified my "Add to cart" button to show "Out of stock" when product quantities = 0, and I've even added text to these entries urging customers to contact us regarding stock.

What I would prefer though is for the "Add to cart" button to change to a "Contact Us" button (linking to our contact form), as soon as an item quantity = 0.

I've read both this thread, and this one, but neither addresses what I want to do. I've tried modifying my product.tpl file similarly to the solution outlined in the first thread, but running of product quantity, and all I managed to do was to break the product page.

Really hope someone can assist here, bearing in mind this will require solutions for product.tpl, product-list.tpl and homefeatured.tpl

Thanks in advance.

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