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Programmatically set delivery address on cart [1.7]

Boris Le Meec

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Since yesterday I try to programmatically change the delivery address of a cart, without any kind of even far success..

This is my code :

Context::getContext()->cart->updateAddressId(Context::getContext()->cart->id_address_delivery, $address->id);
Context::getContext()->cart->id_address_delivery = $address->id;
Context::getContext()->cart->id_address_invoice = $address->id;

I know for sure that the $cart from Context is the good one, I already add some products to it, and I also know for sure that $address is the good one.

The problem is that every time I try to set the address_delivery, when I try to get it after, it displays the address_id of the "default" customer address. (The first registered I think)

Do you have any idea of what am I doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot

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i have the same issue when updating id_address_delivery in my module. 

I managed to do this in Prestashop

private function updateOrderAddress($new_address_id) {
    global $context;


    $context->cart->id_address_invoice = $new_address_id;









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I think you should override classes/checkout/CheckoutAddressesStep.php to do this.

You can check particulary on use_same_address attribute from this class.

For my use I need to rewrite handleRequest method to keep the default invoice address when only delivery address change.

Good luck

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