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[GUIDE] Adding tracking number to email templates


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Hi Friends,

So finally I managed to add tracking number to email template & and I'm going to share that method.

My Prestashop version -

1) Open - ~/classes/order/OrderHistory.php
2) Go to line 423
3) Change this code : 

           $topic = $result['osname'];
           $data = array(
                '{lastname}' => $result['lastname'],
                '{firstname}' => $result['firstname'],
                '{id_order}' => (int)$this->id_order,
                '{order_name}' => $order->getUniqReference()

to :

            $topic = $result['osname'];
            $traking_number = $order->shipping_number;
            if ($traking_number =='') {
                $traking_number ='TRACKING_NUMBER_ID'.(int)$this->id_order;
            $data = array(
                '{lastname}' => $result['lastname'],
                '{firstname}' => $result['firstname'],
                '{id_order}' => (int)$this->id_order,
                '{order_name}' => $order->getUniqReference(),
                '{tracking_number}' => $traking_number

Screenshot - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wyxyb0ec2b8lb3/2019-03-05_23-03-26.png?dl=0

4) Edit your email template - i.e. ~/mails/en/payment.html
5) Add this code : {tracking_number} 

i.e - 

Your trackign number <strong><span style="color:#333">{tracking_number}</span></strong></span>

6) Enjoy!

Final output - Screenshots :


NOTE : You must update your tracking number before you send this email notification. If not, {tracking_code} variable will be replaced with a string like "TRACKING_NUMBER_ID5"

Cheers :)

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