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The basket was locked due to incorrect translation


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Hello! I tried to solve the problem myself, but it does not work out, I’ve been picking for two days. I have a presta shop, which initially had a Russian translation not so much. I edited a lot of things without problems, but after I corrected a couple of lines in the ShopThemeCheckout.ru-RU.xlf file (I edited through the admin panel), I saved the changes and didn’t like something about the pres (I guess it’s associated with a capital letter And, I have this jamb and I did not have time to eliminate it in time, and a lot of work has already been done). In general, I completely disconnected the basket. If you add a product there, then immediately throws in the basket and writes: "There is nothing more in your basket." To correct back through the admin panel does not work, when you go to the page with the phrases that give this error, the message "Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly encoded" appears and after that a blank page.

What have you been doing:

I changed the translation manually in the file app / Resources / translations / ru-RU / ShopThemeCheckout.ru-RU.xlf
Changed the translation manually in the file translations / sf-ru-RU.zip
I put the forced UTF-8 encoding on the hosting

Spaceweb Hosting
Classic theme

Really looking forward to help. Thank.

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