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Nu reusesc sa compar două string-uri


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ma chinui sa fac un script care sa imi gaseasca features pentru un produs in mod automat.

In product_lang am la descriere de exemplu:


Raza de acţiune a iluminării IR</span></span>:</TD>
<TD class="tab_value">40&nbsp;m</TD>

l-am luat copy paste si l-am pus in feature_value intr-un camp search, cand compar description cu search nu il gaseste de nici un fel


$get_features = "SELECT id_feature from ps_category_features WHERE categories like CONCAT('%i:','$category',';%')";
$features = mysql_query($get_features);
while ($row_feature = mysql_fetch_array($features)) {
      $id_feature = $row_feature['id_feature'];
      $get_values = "SELECT id_feature_value, search_str from ps_feature_value WHERE id_feature  = '$id_feature'";
      $values = mysql_query($get_values);
        while ($row_values = mysql_fetch_array($values)) {
                $id_value = $row_values['id_feature_value'];
                $search_str = $row_values['search_str'];
        		if (stripos($description, $search_str) !== false) {
    				echo 'gasit feature ' . $id_feature . 'cu value ' . $id_value;


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