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PS SSL image problems

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in inspector Console I can see " Loading mixed (insecure) display content “http://zaneprazdnena-mama.eu/img/blocklogo/8.jpg” on a secure page ".
Images in slideshow have http (in homepage main slideshow and in footer slideshow).
I have looked into it, but Im new to Prestashop, so I guess solution could be in many things.

Possible solutions:

Domain: zaneprazdnena-mama.eu
SSL Domain: zaneprazdnena-mama.eu
Would it help if I change both to https://zaneprazdnena-mama.eu ?


In pos_beestore2/modules/posslideshow in slideshow.tpl there is this code:

<div id="pos-slideshow-home" class="slides">
  {foreach from=$slides key=key item=slide} 
  {if $slide.link}<a href="{$slide.link}">{/if}<img style ="display:none" src="{$slide.image}"  data-thumb="{$slide.image}"  alt="" title="#htmlcaption{$slide.id_pos_slideshow}"  />{if $slide.link}</a>{/if}

Should I somehow change src="{$slide.image}" ?


Page: https://zaneprazdnena-mama.eu/
PS version:
theme: pos_beestore2 v1.0

Thank you very much!

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