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Identify carriers made with module in checkout ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm making a module that adds two carriers, and depending on which one is selected at the checkout.I want a different function to run.

I thought of doing it with some boolean or variables that change state, but isn't there a better way to identify carrier's (since id_carrier is relatable for that)? 

Have a nice day :) !

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10 minutes ago, razaro said:

Not sure but think you could use to variables from Carrier class:  is_module and external_module_name .

Since they're made in the from the same module, I don't see how that makes them identifiable from each other. 

I've read a post about reference id's, maybe carriers should also have those 😕

Maybe they have something to do it but I really wouldn't know.

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You are right, I thought you want to distinguish from other carriers.

There is id_reference for carrier but that does not help much. Same with name as it can be changed.

I did saw in some modules that additional custom table is used to map id_reference for carrier to name or service code

so  you can be certain what carrier you use.


Check bit older module https://github.com/PrestaShop/fedexcarrier for 1.6 it have that idea I think. See sql-install and fedexcarrier.php and

do not forget to use and register updateCarrier hook.


Good luck.

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