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Getting information from custom fields in front end

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I am developing a module that provides a way of collecting information for an optical prescription for a glasses site. I did this many years ago in an old version of PrestaShop before it moved to MVC architecture. I am working on version but I am having trouble passing information from one file to another. My approach is this:

1. I have created a new module with a controller that creates a new table in the database to hold the information, creates/registers a displayPrescription hook as well as using the ActionCartSave hook.

2. I have created a template file to display the new form fields, using the new hook, on the product page.

3. I have used the ActionCartSave hook to write the database field values.

I assumed that I could then add the "$myvar = Tools::getValue('Myfield');" line in the ActionCartSave hook code to get the field values and assign to a variable to pass to the database function when the 'add to cart' button is pressed. This does not work though. Here is my hook info:


  public function hookActionCartSave($params) {

          $rightSphere = (int)Tools::getValue('rightSphere');
        Db::getInstance()->Execute('INSERT INTO `'._DB_PREFIX_.'prescription` (`id`, `cart_id`, `user_id`, `image_id`, `purpose`, `rightSphere`, `rightCylinder`, `rightAxis`, `leftSphere`, `leftCylinder`, `leftAxis`, `rightAdd`, `leftAdd`, `prism`, `base`, `pupilaryDistance`, `lenseType`, `package`) VALUES (NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, "Computer",'. $rightSphere.', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, "0", NULL, NULL, NULL);');

What I want to do is pass each of the fields from the form on the template to a variable. Then I can use that to add to the database.

If you are wondering why I don't use the built in attribute/customisation fields, it is because it creates 1000's of variations and causes 500 errors.

Has anybody any idea how to solve this? What am I missing? Do I need to add a save button instead, like on the customisation options? If a save button is required, where will its action go?

I am fine with PHP and smarty, but new to MVC.


Thanks for your help.


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Hi monstermaker,

I'm pretty much stucked in the same situation, did you finally solve it? Can you please share some info?

Thanks a lot,


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@andiyatsi I did solve it executing an ajax call that submits the form again to a php file I created. In this case all the input inside the form are posted by tha call.

I used Prestashop.on('updatecart', function()...

Hope it helps,


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