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Shipping tax split? How


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Hi, i may have an odd but yet important question.

I have just started a shop in witch the products have different tax rates. Prestashop can handle the tax rate on the products correctly.

The problem i have is that my invoice specifies to much tax.

If a product is rated 12% the shipping shall be rated 12%, i need this to be automatic, right now if the product is rated 12% the shipping is 25%, pre defined.


product 1   -      100:-         12%         
product 2 -        100 :-        25%

            Delivery (100)

                             50             12%  
                             50             25%   

The tax on shipping allways has to be in proportion of the totals that are rated 25% or 12%

Is it only in sweden we have those tax rules? Has anyone managed to fix this, is there any fix? any module? any rules to set in presta?


Please if you are sitting on the answer please let me know, ive searched for weeks.

I´m even prepared to pay a reasonable amount, i really need this to work out.

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