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Hi, I have a problem with some wrong translations in the backend and some missing translations in the frontend. I don't know who made them. The PrestaShop developers or the theme developers. And I don't know where I can change the wrong translations and where I can add the missing translations (also mind the attachement).

I use the PrestaShop with a modified theme called "SavorySpice".

I hope somebody can help me.

Best regards




Bestätigung der Bestellung.jpg

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No chance to do anything! I don't know where, I don't know what and I don't know how.

Only one wrong translation I could change hard in the php file "controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php". I changed "Reference" into "Bestell-Nr.". Not really elegant.

Order list correct.png

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Now I found the missing translation and the reason why they don't working. In the translation file ModuleCheckpaymentShop.de-DE.xlf are other sentences as in my shop.



"Your order will be sent as soon as we receive your payment."

On the website is written:

"Your order will be sent as soon as we receive payment."


I can not find out from where these sentences came from. I checked all payment_return.tpl. There are the same sentences like in the translation files.

Any idea where I can find these wrong sentences?

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