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Critical issue - wrong information to wrong customer

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I'm having a critical issue that whenever a user places a new order, it does so with the wrong ID for address.
That means if USER1 was ordering something, I would get USER2's information/delivery-address on my back office under "DELIVERY ADDRESS".

The critical issue in this, is that when USER1 goes to check his Order History in his account, it shows USER2's information which is a serious violation of user information privacy.
I have checked the database and the issue is that whenever a new order is made, it's generating OLD and USED ID's and not generating unique and new ones?

I have tried running PS cleaner, and I have tried reinstalling everything and updating to 1.7 -- same error still occurs.
There is over 10k+ orders and 12k+ customers, so I cannot go through the MySQL database and manually edit the USED ID's to some newly generated unique ID -- and I also need this to be fixed for future customers/orders being placed.

See attached screenshots for further information/what it looks like. Critical information is blurred out for obvious reasons.

Please, someone help me in the slightest direction. I have tried searching for the same errors, but I only found threads where there were no solution or threads where people said to use PS Cleaner, but I have tried this without luck.

*EDIT: Added some other topics regarding the same issue.

Thanks for reading & best regards,
Butik Salam

wrong id numbers.png

wrong id numbers 2.png

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Added some other topics regarding the same issue. (see edit history)

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Hi, I have the same problem.

Did you find any solution?

I also read about the possibility that the causer is a social module login. Do you have any module like it installed? In our case, yes, we have installed and activated the free module Social Loginizer https://www.knowband.com/es/prestashop-social-loginizer

We're in contact.

Best regards,

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Did you guys found any solution? I have this problem too, it happens once in a while and my ps version is The only thing can handle address other than ps is paypal, could it be his fault?


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Hi Guys

I have this issue but then opposite, customer is logged in as another customer. With checkout he sees the right address but the order is basically placed under the wrong account. Did any of you had any luck with this?

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I have the same problem from time to time. Anybody? Solution?



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Had this happen twice recently.


The only reason it was spotted is that both times, the address has the name of the wrong customer included so it's easy to spot.

I am expecting that the fix will be added as a purchasable module by prestashop as any form of utility nowadays for this platform needs to be purchased.



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