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Blank BO screen after moving 1.7.5 shop to other location


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I have a fresh-out-the-box 1.7.5 shop running on PHP 7.2. After minimal testing and changes on localhost I uploaded it to my webserver. I adapted ps_shop_url and parameters.php. 

The resulting shop did work on the front - although it didn't show pictures.

However, the backoffice was just a blank page - not even a form to enter your name and password. Development mode didn't help.

The server error log showed an error that suggested that it tried to login in the database with the old localhost username and password. It took me a considerable amount of time to find that these were located in the file /var/cache/prod/ContainerLhkdfcy/appProdProjectContainer.php. After I changed the values there I finally could login (still other problems...).

My question is: what is going on here and how is this supposed to work?

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Moving /cloning a shop requires a few more steps than you did, one is to completely clear the cache. Others should be re-generating .htaccess and deleting cookies in your browser

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Hard to clear the cache when you can't even get a login screen of the BO.

The latest error message suggests that there is some slashes problem because of migrating from Windows to Linux. I have added some linefeeds for readability.:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Symfony\\Component\\Config\\Exception\\FileLocatorFileNotFoundException: 
The file "/var/www/html/ps175\\app/config/routing.yml" does not exist. 
in /var/www/html/ps175/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Config/FileLocator.php:44\nStack 
trace:\n#0 /var/www/html/ps175/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/Config/FileLocator.php(52): 
Symfony\\Component\\Config\\FileLocator->locate('/var/www/html/_...', NULL, true)\n#1 
Symfony\\Component\\Routing\\Loader\\YamlFileLoader->load('/var/www/html/_...', NULL)\n#3 
Symfony\\Component\\Config\\Loader\\DelegatingLoader->load('/var/www/html/_...', NULL in 
/var/www/html/ps175/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Loader/Filesystem.php on line 101

It puzzles me why people still struggle with slashes. Windows works perfectly when you use forward slashes.

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You can clear the cache by simply deleting the folder (var/cache) on the server (should have been excluded in the copy actually). The "slashes" problem could be releated to cache as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion. However, I get only other trouble:

When I start the frontoffice after deleting /var/cache I get hundreds of times the following notice - after which a " Cannot modify header information " follows:

Notice: Undefined property: DOMDocument::$encoding in 
/var/www/html/_ps1750/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Translation/Loader/XliffFileLoader.php on line 81

When I load the backoffice. I get three exceptions:

 (3/3) InvalidArgumentException
Unable to parse file "/var/www/html/_ps1750/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/web.xml".
in XmlFileLoader.php line 386

 (2/3) XmlParsingException
The XML file "/var/www/html/_ps1750/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/web.xml" is not valid.
in XmlUtils.php line 133

 (1/3) ContextErrorException
Notice: Undefined property: DOMDocument::$documentElement
in XmlFileLoader.php line 579

The var/cache tree is hardly rebuilt: only the cache and the cache/dev directories are created and a few files in /dev - of which two have zero length.


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