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Korean filter is enabled

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Dear forum users,

After some tests, the Korean filter is enabled in the antispam configuration, and will automatically block for review new content written with Korean text.


The first aim is to test the behavior of this setting on the production forum. That is why the "Ban" option is not enabled, to be sure that there is no impact on current users.

Once it is sure that no good user can be banned, the automatic "ban" option will be enabled.

Don't forget that on a big forum like this one, with many, many sections and languages, there will always be a bit of spam. That's inevitable, regarding the amount of created content. However, I really hope that with the current settings, the amount of spam will decrease. I also continue to feed the word filter with keyword about pharmaceutical products, beautiful girls and all that kind of stuff (and you can see that I chose carefully my words to avoid the filter).

What's next? I am currently studying two ideas:

  • Create a "new members" group, with the current content filtering rules of the "members" group, and a rule to migrate users after a certain amount of content if no warning has been given. Then, it would be possible to remove the word filter on the "members" group, as it is possible to trust users in this group. That would also allow to test some interesting configuration, e.g: enable signature only for confirmed members.
  • Create some rules so all users can report "spam", and if a content has 3 or more reports, that would flag the author as a spammer et hide his content. This would be applied only on the "new members" group. Of course, the aim is to be sure that it could not be used by bad people as a trick to ban a user. 

What do you think of those ideas? Do not hesitate to tell in the comments.

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thanks for your efforts maintaining the forum, for me it's really running very clean especially after you helped me with my notifications settings. :)  Keep up good work.

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