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with and without VAT - suggestion

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I started modifying the default template for my online shop. I really like the default template, especially to get started. But I found a problem:

I would always like to have in eveidence, the total with taxes and the total without taxes

This would make it clear to the customer (both commercial and private) the total amount of the invoice. 

The private customer normally requests the total with taxes.
The business customer is normally interested in the total without taxes. 

Prestashop, does not allow this by default. I think it would be very interesting for future versions...


I modified the template, and found a problem here in the file themes\classic\templates\checkout\_partials\order-confirmation-table.tpl

This file is used  by smarty, called from two different pages: both when placing the order and when confirming the order. in these two links, smarty transmit to the template different variables! 😵

I have configured prestashop to show the price without taxes. To also have the total with taxes, I had to change the template as well:


        <tr class="font-weight-bold">
        {if $totals.total_including_tax.amount == 0}
          <td><span class="text-uppercase">{l s='Totale (IVA inclusa)' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</td>
          <td>{l s='%s CHF' sprintf=['%s' => ($totals.total.amount+$subtotals.tax.amount)|string_format:"%.2f"] d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</td>
          <td><span class="text-uppercase">{l s='Totale (IVA inclusa)' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</td>

Are there other solutions to this problem?

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