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Reprogram Product display


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Hey there,

I am in the process of customising prestashop for a business idea I am on top of its structure but I am a little confused of how to design something I have in mind so I will describe it:

I have a product which when chosen by a customer must check the database and present not only the product itself but also several different price plans(stored as separate products).

They must be stored separately for checkout purposes because they have different prices even tho they are the same product.

I want the user to be able to select each price plan (with a separate button) and then present that variation on the same page, replacing the current product. This therefore takes place before the checkout on the product info page.

I am aware of how to change page presentation using AJAX or JQuery etc but I have very little experience of using php with AJAX and I want to design the most efficient solution. I don't want to have to go into the database twice etc. I am a good programmer but my background is in electronics therefore I have little experience of these sorts of designs. I have all these ideas atm like passing variables to php using JQuery or using XAJAX and I'd really appreciate a little guidance.

There was another idea I had which meant altering the diplay product (tick or cross) in the admin area using a post variable from the products page but I cannot access the admin classes, it keeps compaining that there is No such file or directory. :(

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Ok so I have explored all of your links, thanks again and I am aware of how SOAP and REST works. I have enabled web services in the back office and have created one for products with GET , PUT, POST and DELETE enabled. It inists that I create an encryption key. NOt sure why? Any ideas?

Also in the forum link the guy tests the GET request by typing : http://localhost/prestashop14/api/products

What does this mean? There is no api folder in my presashop and I just get 404 errors?

I would love to create a web service but I am very confused, do you create an xml formatted version of the products database by enabling it in the back office? If that is the case where do I find the methods to POST and GET such data, webservice request looks frightening to me but I really want to learn.

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Hey there,

I am having no end of trouble with this feature, I don't have your exact problem tho, once I enter the key it lets me in. I am having trouble trying to call the data up in the api editing the code.

So you go to tools - webservice - add new and then go into the list, tick the ones that you want, generate the key - save and also make sure the service is enabled on the main webservice tab.

Still doesn't work?
What you should try is clearing all of the web services, delete all of the ones you have set and then set a new one and generate a new key. Then clear the browser cache, active logons and cookies. Then try again using your new key. Sorry I can't be of more help but how are we supposed to test this stuff if they don't give us the correct documentation ?!

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