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Doesn't execute script during upgrade custom module

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Hi, I'm working on a custom module on PrestaShop. My goal is to update the module in order to set the permissions for a web service created during installation.

I succeeded in my purpose this way:

 public function install()

        $keyId = $this->getKeyId();
        $wsKey = new WebserviceKey($keyId ? $keyId : null);
        $wsKey->active = true;
        $wsKey->description = self::KEY_DESCRIPTION_MARKER;

        do {
            $wsKey->key = $this->generateKey(self::KEY_LENGTH);
        } while (WebserviceKey::keyExists($wsKey->key));


        $permissions_file = "../modules/".$this->name."/data/permissions.json";
        $jsonPermissions = file_get_contents($permissions_file); //TODO controlli sul file
        $permissions_to_set = json_decode($jsonPermissions,true);

        $configuration = new stdClass();
        $configuration->soap_key = $wsKey->key;

        return parent::install() &&
            $this->registerHook('actionAdminControllerSetMedia') &&

in this way during the installation of the module, I set the permissions in the correct way, taking them from the JSON file present in data/permissions.json

this is ok for the new installations, but if I have to update an already installed module, how can I do? I tried this way:

function upgrade_module_2_1_4($module, $install = true)

    return true;

thinking that by passing install = true the module would re-run the install function,

but PrestaShop seems to update the module, but does not update the permissions as indicated in the function to update

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