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Problem: Prestashop Memcached option greyed out

Mehmet Aga

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Today i came across to an annoying bug or whatever, i configured Memcached on my server, and i wanted to cache my website using memcached, because of our big Product base 90K+, however the options are greyed out, i already added the server in the field using PHPmyadmin, but still i cant find the enable button or memcached option,


See attachment below



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Thanks for your answer

I have installed memcached

 I thought it was compatible with php 7

then the cache with
Memcached via PHP :: Memcache (you need to install the Memcache PECL extension)
  Memcached via PHP :: Memcached (you need to install the Memcached Extension PECL)
  APC (you need to install the APC PECL extension)
  Xcache (you need to install the Xcache extension)

can't you use it? with PHP 7?

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APC not, memcached not, xCache not. All these are old caching system. From php 7.0. on there is a better caching system (php-fm). It is installed automatically. You must configure it to work properly on your server. Ask server admin for that. With this high quantity of products (90K+) better to run nginx.

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