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Sweet Snap - Make your selfie more interesting than ever!
Take a funny selfie with animated stickers and amazing face effects right now! 
Taking photos is gradually becoming one of the most essential features of any mobile. Generally, when you purchase a smartphone, there are some pre-installed camera applications; however, users often choose to download more others to enjoy the best photo-taking experience. 
When you travel to a strange land and want to check in immediately, or simply want to save unforgettable moments with your friends and family, it’s time to make use of a good camera application. In this article, we would like to recommend all of you one on the top of rankings. Get Sweet Snap Camera App for Android to Make Your Selfies More Beautiful for Free!
Sweet Snap is a fantastic appl for Android platform, letting you take selfies wherever you are. Being free to download, you can freely develop your creativity and edit photos of you, your relatives or any photos you love in your own way without using any professional photo editing software today. 
Key features 
Sweep Snap gives you real-time face exchange experience. Dozens of interesting faces are available for you to choose from. Also, you can exchange with your friend’s face. That’s lovely right!
Distinctive sticker sets absolutely make you engaged. There are a variety of motion stickers on different topics like animals, cartoons, movies, etc. Want to be a cute cat or a funny clown? - Just try Sweep Snap. Its design team works hard and will surprise you every week with lots of funny stickers for all age groups. 
A great deal of fantastic filters has been updated. Now you can easily turn your photos into works of art like Van Gogh or Picasso. 
Thanks to selfie camera video feature, you can “show off” to the whole world your wonderful and perfect beauty with video clips lasting 3 to 6 seconds with unique sound effects. Simply touch and hold the screen to start recording.
Moreover, Sweet Snap enables you to share your photos and videos quickly on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks. 
Want to find out more interesting functions? - Please go to our store. 
Sweet Snap is one of the best options when it comes to magic selfie applications. However, to make your pictures crisper and more beautiful, there are some things that you need to consider.
Want to discover more features? - Simply go to Camera On Android At Top1Apk.
How to take pics with Sweet Snap better 
Clean the lens on the phone
It sounds simple but not many people pay attention to this. The first thing that affects the quality of your photos is the camera must be in a good state. If the lens is blurry or dusty, your pictures might not be clear. So every time taking a photo, be sure to clean the lens thoroughly. 
Activate "touch to shoot" mode or volume button when "taking a selfie"
It is easy to drop the phone while you not only try to pose but also press the button on the screen. By activating the "touch to capture" mode, your shooting will be easier, because the button is "much bigger": Now it is anywhere on the screen.
Also, depending on whether you are right- or left-handed, shooting may be easier by using the volume button. Although this method does not work on all devices, you can try to find out if the device you are using supports this feature by going to “using volume control as” section. 
Check parameters for photos you have taken
When taking snaps, you might see that your pics are so fabulous, but sometimes they are pretty terrible. Either good or bad pics, you should check the “details” section. By this way, you will gradually learn the setup process on your mobile phone such as setting your camera by default or adjusting them according. This is especially useful for “auto” photos. 
One-third rule 
This is one of the simplest and most basic rules in photography, but it will certainly make your photo much more beautiful. The rule of 1/3 means that the subject occupies 1/3 of the frame while the empty space occupies 2/3 of the remaining area. And to help you achieve this, Sweet Snap allows you to use a grid when taking photos.
For more useful tips, please go to Apkdownload.
Also on top rankings of the best camera app like Sweet Snap, B612 is also worth your time. 
Sweet Snap alternatives - B612
B612 - the most popular selfie application and popularly used by the massive community of Facebook, Zalo, Instagram and Twiter users. B612 allows users to take selfies anytime, anywhere with front and rear cameras to help you capture the most vivid moments. Photos taken with the B612 application are youthful and modern, which is fitted with young people today. 
Main features 
• Support the back camera: Swipe the screen from top to bottom to use the feature. 
• Random filter: Touch the random button and B612 will remember the filters of your favorite images and display them when needed.
• Vignette: The feature allows to darken the image border to increase the focus for the image. Each Vignette automatically adjusts the filter you are using.
• Tilt-shift: It lets you blur the outline of the focused areas in the image with just one tap on the s
• Collage shot: Create 3D images easily.
• Timer: Set time to take shot smartly. 
•B612 also allows you to edit images from the gallery and share photos on multiple synced applications. 
In conclusion
With great features and easy-user guides, Sweet Snap will definitely not disappoint you. This app will become a companion to help you save the most wonderful moments in life. Wishing you successful use and having a good time with your smartphone. Get Sweet Snap Camera App for Android to Make Your Selfies More Beautiful for Free! 
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