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PrestaShop New shop Setup - Not Live Yet Still Building, I have other sites running PS1.6

I have 264 combinations, first choice is "Select Size and Shape "I have set the base price for a 24" round to $485.00 when a customer orders a certain size lets say 46" round I have it up the price by $845.00 customers cost $1330.00 no problem I have multi-sizes to choose from and it all works fine for that group of selections prices change as should. Until they pick a second option say "optional umbrella hole" with or without - this options wont change the price because there is no extra charge. But if they choose one of the selections the price goes back to the base price instead of keeping the 46" round price of 1330.00 that they chose in the first option box. I can't see away around this with 1.7 is this a bug that they are working on or am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated


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There is something wrong with your understanding of combinations. You set for each combination of attributes a price. 26" without umbrella hole and 26" with umbrella hole are two different combinations. You need  to set a price for each of them. Note that if you have two other binary options you will have to set 2x2x2=8 prices just for the 26".

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Thank you for your reply, I am most likely not understanding 1.7 seems to work a lot differently then 1.6
here is an example page: https://www.uniquemosaictables.com/mosaic-table-tops/25-1095-vineyard-mosaic-table-top.html#/26-mosaic_choose_size-round_24/59-mosaic_umbrella_hole-no_umbrella_hole/61-mosaic_corner_option-not_needed

If you choose a Shape and Size? you will see that the price will change from the 24" round base price.
But if you choose "Optional Umbrella Hole" and pick with umbrella hole the price changes back to the base price same with "corner option" even though the larger size is chosen. The Umbrella option and the corner option has no price change on them but is an option for the customer at no extra charge. But the size and shape option is what should change the price. I have attached a couple of pictures to show you my combination page. 

I even tried just generating "shape and Size"
Then I generated "Choose Umbrella Hole" and Corner option each separate but then they don't show up at all as options. Which I figured would happen because all combinations has to be  figured at the same time. 

No matter how I configure it when they choose "Shape and Size" and then pick another option that shouldn't impact the price it falls back to the base price.

Again Thank You for your help.




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Music Master,

Thank you for your reply, the way Prestashop 1.7 does combinations isn't easier then then it was in 1.6, it don't make since that they made it harder and more time consuming in a newer version, I'm happy that I didn't switch my main 1.6 site over, which is bigger and has lots of combinations. I'm not a programmer but it would seem to me to make since to make one base price that each of your combinations would refer to (instead of being a default price on every combination) so if one combination has a price change it would add to it, if another combination didn't have a price change when picked then it wouldn't effect the already set base price, instead of going back to the original base price. So that each of my 264 combination fields wouldn't need to be filled in only the ones that would effect the price. Anyway I just made one drop down combination for the size and shape that has the price change. Then I just made a customized product field where the customer can type in if they want a umbrella hole or not, and a corner style. Not the optimal way of doing it but but it is a lot easier then figuring out which of all the 264 combinations would or wouldn't need adjusted.

Again Thank You for your time and help in understanding  the way 1.7 does combinations.


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