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[Module] Shop Reviews + Avatars + Reminder + Rich Snippets - 1.6 / 1.7

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Prestashop Module Shop Reviews + Avatars and Rich Snippets from a satisfied customer is the most persuasive means that you have at your disposal to convince a customer that you are legitimate and that you have a track record for success.

A website is an online business card and it is astounding how many businesses are not utilizing testimonials to promote their business.
The use of testimonials is even more important with the wide-spread use of search engines as the primary vehicle to find your business on the internet.
Search Engines use words to rank sites and organizations.
The more relevant content you have online, the higher you are ranked.
Testimonial Module is a help the store owner to display the valuable testimonials of people.
We often get feedback from customers who have bought a valuation from our website.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

- Compliant with PrestaShop’s Official GDPR Compliance Module



- Compatible with RESPONSIVE themes

- SEO Optimized ( SEO url rewriting )
- Created Admin Tabs in BackOffice ( Moderate Testimonials )
- Multilingual & Multishop

- Caching for Hooks with module content (Improve speed of your site)
- 66 display effects for Shop Reviews (Testimonials) (WOW script effects)
- OWL carousels for blocks "Testimonials"

- Possibility on the frontend filter reviews by rating
- Possibility on the frontend search review
- Add option Verified review (show when customer already something bought in shop)

- Enable or Disable Filter by ratings functional for Testimonials


- Google Rich Snippets for Testimonials
- Upload Avatar
- Admin can change Testimonials block background color

- Admin can send response on the testimonial message

- Admin can Enable or Disable MULTILANGUAGE. Separates different languages comments depended on the language selected by the customer (e.g. only English comments on the English site)
- Testimonials in the My account section


- Module Testimonials, uses  Web  2.0  design
- User can view Testimonials
- Display of Testimonial in block section
- Link to view all Testimonial
- Link to submit Testimonial
- All  functions are based on Ajax
- Admin can edit the Testimonial
- Admin can delete the Testimonial
- Admin can set status the Testimonial
- E-mail notification when the new testimonial was submitted
- Support CAPTCHA
- Support RSS Feed
- Support rating stars



- Admin can set the number of items in the "TestImonials Block"
- Admin can set testimonials per Page
- Enable/Disable Captcha on submit form
- Enable/Disable Web address on submit form
- Enable/Disable Company on submit form
- Enable/Disable Address on submit form
- Enable/Disable Country field on submit form
- Enable/Disable City field on submit form

- Enable/Disable: E-mail notification

- Admin can Enable or Disable RSS Feed
- Admin can set Number of items in RSS Feed (default - 10)

- Edit all emails subjects in module settings
- Enable/Disable Avatar in module settings
- Edit/Upload Avatar , when admin edit shop review
- Add Who can add review? - (Only registered users; Only users who already something bought in shop; All users)

- CSV Import/Export shop reviews

- Add google snippets for title of all blocks. Snippets based on the http://schema.org/corporation



- Testimonals Block  ( Left column, Right column, Footer, Home, Right Side, Left Side )


- Enable or Disable notifications for each emails

- You can choose to send your customers an automatic email reminder to invite them to rate the shop they have ordered a few days after their purchase
- Admin can import old orders for customer reminder
- Admin can select status for order. Only orders with selected status will be send by email for customer reminder
- Statistics for Customer reminder
- Filter by date for Customer reminder statistics
- Possibility send manually emails to customers in module settings for customer reminder
- Possibility send email to customer a second time for customer reminder



- When a user add store review - he gets a discount!

- Admin can Enable or Disable Voucher
- Admin can set Voucher Description ( Multilanguage )
- Admin can set Voucher Code ( It must be at least 3 letters long )
- Admin can choose Discount Type: Currency or Percentages (default Currency)
- Admin can choose Minimum checkout
- Admin can select the category for which the coupon is valid
- Admin can set Term of validity Voucher
- Admin can choose Cumulative with others vouchers
- Admin can choose Cumulative with price reductions
- Admin can choose Tax (Tax Included or Tax Excluded)
- Admin can select Customers Groups in the Voucher settings. Voucher will be displayed only for selected Customers Groups


Prestashop modulehttps://addons.prestashop.com/en/product.php?id_product=42284


Live Demo FrontOfficehttps://demostoreprestashop.com/demo/blockshopreviews/en/testimonials

Live Demo BackOfficehttps://demostoreprestashop.com/demo/blockshopreviews/admin1/

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Shop Reviews + Avatars and Rich Snippets - version 1.7.8


- Debug
- Updated Installation_Guid.pdf


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Shop Reviews + Avatars and Rich Snippets - version 1.7.9


- Fixed bug for collecting orders in customer reminder for guest checkout only

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