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I am trying to create a module and add .css file that will load styles in the backoffice. I've tried to load another.css for single product page and it works, but I can't make this work for the cms. This is my code:


    public function install()
        if ($this->psversion() == 5 || $this->psversion() == 6)
            if (parent::install() == false or !$this->registerHook('displayHeader') or !$this->registerHook('productFooter') or !$this->registerHook('displayAdminProductsExtra') or !$this->registerHook('actionProductUpdate') or !$this->registerHook('displayBackOfficeHeader'))
                return false;
        return true;
    public function hookDisplayBackOfficeHeader($params)

But can't make the .css file appear. The file is in the right location, it has proper permissions and the owner of the file is www-data:www-data so this shouldn't be a permission issue. I have disable css combinind and caching, before reloading the page I am also deleting the cache just in case as well as I am deleting my brower's cache. Can somebody give me a hand in this?

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