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Bizzy Lizzy

Upgraded to from 1.6.14 - position in category 0

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I have upgraded to today and encounter quiet some issues


1) when looking at the products in the category - the field position is all set to 0. and there is no way of shuffling the products around or giving them a position

2) I get an error on combined to pack products - making frontoffice to go into error 500 : error:  and indeed - in the new prestashop this product is not a pack. But when I try to add the products there is no way of selecting the products in the pack. The search is not doing anything even when I rebuild the index twice. So unable to select products.


Product with id 3213 is not a pack
at line 243 in file classes/Pack.php

238.         $idProduct = (int) $idProduct;
239.         $idProductAttribute = (int) $idProductAttribute;
240.         $cacheIsPack = (bool) $cacheIsPack;
242.         if (!self::isPack($idProduct)) {
243.             throw new PrestaShopException("Product with id $idProduct is not a pack");
244.         }
246.         // Initialize
247.         $product = new Product($idProduct, false);
248.         $packQuantity = 0;

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Hello Bizzy Lizzy,

if the product is not a "Pack" item you can remove it from your mysql tabel "webshop_pack" where "id_product_item = 3213 "


If you want we can take a look at your webshop and see what the issues are.
We can support you in your native langue (Nederlands) if needed.

If the fix is easy we will not request a payment. For difficult issues we will request a fee.

You can contact us trough the prestashop messaging system our trough our website.

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did u fix this problem above?

On 1/16/2019 at 11:14 AM, miconsolador.es said:


did u fix this problem above? I still have that problem and it is driving me crazy


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On 7/29/2019 at 3:19 AM, mir-aus said:

did u fix this problem above?


Hi Guys,

I faced with it when after I delete some, demo categories.

To solve problem practically, you can delete all demo products. (At the moment of deletion, something goes wrong when moving products in the category.) It's a bug.

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