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[MODULE] Website Decoration Effects - Add special effects for occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Valentine

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Website Decoration Effects Module

Website Decoration Effects Modules allows the store admin to add special effects like - snowfall to the store. By adding the special effects to the website the store admin can add a festive feel to the store which will help them to improve the user experience of the store visitors.

More info and purchase here: Website Decoration Effects Module



Features of the Website Decoration Effects Module:

1) Display on Mobile Devices: The store admin can enable or disable this module for the mobile devices.

2) Set display frequency: The store admin can select the display frequency for the effects like Every Visit, One Visit per hour, One Visit per Day, One Visit per Week, One Visit per Month.

3) Select the display pages: The store admin can display the special effects on the selected pages.

4) Set fix time: The store admin can select the time interval during which special effects will be live on the store.

5) Effect type: As of now this module offers the following effects:

Snow effect 1: The store admin can set the snowflake colors, Max. Snowflake Size, Number of Flakes, Snowflake minimum Speed Seconds, Snowflake Maximum Speed Seconds, Disable Snowflake after (seconds).

Snow effect 2: The store admin can set the snowflake colors, Snow Flurry Character (admin can add the special characters to the themes for eg. for valentine day the store admin can add hearts character to make store attractive), Snow Flurry Height, Snow Flurry Frequency, Snow Flurry Speed, Minimum Snow Flurry Flake Size, Maximum Snow Flurry Flake Size, Snow Flurry Flake Wind Drift, Snow Flurry Flake Wind Variance, Snow Flurry Flake Rotation, Snow Flurry Flake Rotation Variance.

Snow effect 3: The store admin can set the Snow Color, Minimum Snow Flake Size, Maximum Snow Flake Size, Maximum Count of Snow Flake, Wind Speed, Fall Time.

Snow effect 4: The store admin can set the Snow Color, Minimum Snow Flake Size, Maximum Snow Flake Size, Flake Fall Time Multiplier, Flake fall time difference, Interval between new element spawns.

Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/42511-knowband-website-decoration-effects.html





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A new improved version of the Website Decoration Effects Module with 2020 themes and advanced features will be available in next few days:

1. Footer Script to promote sales

2. Header & Footer design element control

3. New Christmas design elements

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A new improved version v1.0.3 of the Website Decoration Effects Module is now available on the Addon Store.

What's New in Version 1.0.3:

[ADD] Functionality to choose header, footer and random element for website decoration.

[ADD] Functionality to upload customized header, footer and random element.

[ADD] Functionality to show discount strip in bottom.

[FIX] Minor Bug Fixes







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